Just like most medications, Nolvadex can be associated with number of mild and serious side effects that no one is able to foresee. The severity of your side effects depends n a number of factors that all need to be taken into consideration when Nolvadex is prescribed.

Mild side effects are quite common, especially at the beginning of the treatment. They are usually insignificant and unlikely to stop you from taking Nolvadex, but in some cases things may be different. The following common mild side effects are possible: hot flashes, vomiting, and nausea. Of course there are other reactions also possible, but since different people may experience different side effects as a result of using Nolvadex, it’s impossible to say for sure which ones you will get and how long they are going to last.

The mild side effects mentioned tend to appear at the beginning of your treatment and need to be reported to your health care provider as soon as possible only if they do not go away or change in intensity, interfering with your everyday life activities. Sometimes vision problems are reported by patients using Nolvadex. If there are any visual disturbances – make sure you talk to your health care provider as soon as possible and avoid getting engaged into any activities that require you to be alert and concentrated in the meantime.

Nolvadex can increase the risk of developing uterine cancer and endometriosis. This condition is described as abnormal spread of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. This medicine can also increase the risk of developing ovarian cysts, uterine polyps and uterine fibroids. Make sure you combine buy Tamoxifen with other cancer drugs only if recommended so by your health care provider. Otherwise the risk of blood clots and stroke can increase significantly. Since there are some serious side effects associated with taking Nolvadex, you will need to think very carefully if the benefits in your particular case outweigh potential risks. The serious side effects mentioned are not common and can occur in women with other risk factors, but they can seriously affect your health and wellbeing.

If you decided to start taking Nolvadex in spite of all the risks associated with the treatment and possible side effects, make sure you show up for regular health check-ups for your progress to be monitored. Your health care provider may need to monitor you for side effects at the beginning of the treatment to see if you are getting all the benefits without risking your health and wellbeing. You may need a dose adjustment that will depend on what you are being treated for and how you are handling the dose prescribed. Make sure you always tell your health care provider if you happen to develop any side effects that are not listed anywhere, but seem serious enough to you. Any of such cases should be given special attention and may need to be treated urgently for you to always benefit from the treatment.