Nolvadex is a serious anti-cancer medication that is supposed to be taken exactly as prescribed for as long as recommended. Taking Nolvadex can be associated with a number of side effects and risks for your health, but in most cases the use of this medicine is justified in women that are likely to develop breast cancer or those recovering from radiation therapy. In some cases Nolvadex is prescribed for long-term treatment – up to 5 years in fact.

Make sure you continue taking it throughout the entire period to avoid complications and do not stop the treatment without previously talking to your health care provider. Since Nolvadex is designed for long-term treatment you will need to think about different aspects of your life and how you will be able to combine generic Nolvadex with them. For example, you may consider a pregnancy before using Nolvadex, as you will be recommended to avoid getting pregnant throughout the entire period of your treatment.

Many other aspects are also possible – and you will be able to discuss them all when talking to our heath care provider about the upcoming treatment with Nolvadex. It’s crucial for the success of your treatment to take Nolvadex regularly and without missing doses or skipping them. Do not try to make up for the missed dose by taking a double one. If you need to take another dose of Nolvadex very soon – just skip the dose you happened to miss. If you have an increased sensitivity to any drugs, especially tamoxifen, taking Nolvadex is not recommended.

Nolvadex should be used with special caution if you are also taking any blood-thinners, such as warfarin, as drugs of this kind have been reported to interact with the effects of Nolvadex leading to serious complications. Make sure you tell your doctor if you have ever been allergic to tamoxifen (the active ingredient of Nolvadex) or other anti-cancer medication, as taking Nolvadex may cause the same reaction in you again. An allergic reaction must be reported straight to your health care provider as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse. Make sure you seek emergency medical help if after taking Nolvadex online you undeveloped the following signs of an allergic reaction: hives, rash, difficulty breathing, trouble swallowing, itching and swelling of different body parts. An allergic reaction will prevent you from carrying on with the treatment, as it is likely to repeat each time you take Nolvadex.

Nolvadex can harm an unborn child and should therefore be avoided by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is an anti-estrogen medicine and therefore you are supposed to use an additional non-hormonal method of contraception. Birth control pills can be inefficient and there is a risk you may get pregnant, which is undesirable. You will need to keep using reliable protect ion methods even during 2 months following the treatment. If you get pregnant while using Nolvadex – talk to your health care provider right away and discuss the options you have. Depending on the case you will either be recommended to stop the treatment and wait for the baby delivery, or continue with the treatment if the benefits outweigh potential risks.