The word “cancer” can be very frightening isn’t it? Although we have made path-breaking achievements in the field of medical science but still we have come up with any permanent cure for this disease. But several treatments are available which can successfully treat you. There have many instances where people have completely recovered from cancer. They have fought and they have won. Nolvadex is one such drug which helps you fight breast cancer. It is also used to treat gynaecomastia in men.

The compound of this drug is known as tamoxifen citrate. Nolvadex is the trade name. This drug is said to be an antagonist for estrogen. It is different from an anabolic steroid and is considered to be the preferred drug against breast cancer. Nolvadex online can be bought easily. How it works:

As we know this drug is an estrogen antagonist so it binds to different estrogen receptors in muscle tissues in a competitive manner. But it should be noted that this drug does not prevent anabolic steroids or testosterone from changing to estrogen. It only competes with them and wins over estrogen receptors.


Gynaecomastia is a disease where males get female like breasts. It can be very embarrassing. Nolvadex prevents and cures gynaecomastia. As it binds to estrogen receptors of the breast tissue, so it prevents the estrogen related development of the breasts.

People who have a high risk of breast cancer are advised to take this medication. People who have family history of breast cancer are at high risk of acquiring the disease. But it has to be noted that estrogen related problems may not be the only reasons for cancer. It can be caused due to many factors. So after proper diagnosis and health check up this drug should be prescribed.

It is often used in athletics. It is the most common anti estrogen drug to be used by athletes.

Where to Order Nolvadex:

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